Monday, 7 November 2016

Normally We Work From Home (WFH) - Now WFT

I had my super late birthday cake yesterday. Despite being grateful, of course, I used my best ability to complain about it. However there was a miss in Red Velvet my colleague had bought for me. It was a bit (almost) expired as I could taste the sourness of cheese clearly. So,

Me: Oh Boss, I think I got stomachache.
Boss: *looking at me as if I just say something horrifying. Since our project is close to the deadly, any type of absence is not really favorable*

Me: Don't blame me! Blame the cheese!
Boss: Cannot. Cannot afford to take one day leave also in this situation. 
Me: What do you want me to do?

Boss: Even from toilet, you still need to work.
Colleagues: With all the flush sounds in the background *as they giggled*
Me: (-_-)

Boss: Hmm.. we'll change it to WFT: Work From Toilet

Me: Haha, we are just lucky that phone does not transmit smells!