Saturday, 18 February 2017

Chicken Is Vegetarian

Hello, people!

I hope you are all doing good. I haven't been posting for so long due to some reasons which I think a bit unethical if I about to mention it here. But, trust me, it is a good reason. And, I know it is super late, but: Happy New Year!

Who doesn't like fried chicken? Unless you are a vegetarian! You know who you are!
I can't really recall the exact story because this conversation is happening for a lot of times. It goes something like this everytime new person come to our office and they happened to be vegetarian:

Some days we ordered pizza for company gathering:
Boss: *being such a kind person* You should try this.
New Colleage aka victim: Is it vegetarian?
Boss: *insist in offering* vegetarian only, it has chicken.
New Colleage: How can it be vegetarian?

Me: *from a far* (-_-) Here we go again.

Boss: Chicken is vegetarian only. Chicken does not eat meat, right?
New colleague: *extensive speechless with the person he just met* (-_-)



Po Stefanie Andrianta said...

True enough, chicken is vegetarian hahahaha...