Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Team Breakfast

~because lunch and dinner is too mainstream... and I had a bad feeling about it

Well, I bet you don't care about who I used to. Even though I am always late going to office but trust me with your blood that I am an early bird but I always woke up early but getting out of bed is just not my thing for the past few months.

Boss: *come over and shake my hand* Congrats, Dewi. Finally we go-live with this project. Wash it off our hands and let's run away from this (project).
Me: Hahaha, you just don't know how much I want to run away from this.
Boss: Let's go and celebrate this. Let's go for a team dinner.

After a while of silence, I could smell a non-sense is coming.

Boss: Dewi, let's make a change. Every time we always have team dinner and team dinner, let's go for a change.
Me: What is it? Lunch? Nope, I don't want to rush eating my lunch.

Boss: How about team breakfast?

Me: No! Definitely no! Big N and O!

Boss: We are special. We need to do something unusual.

Me: Boss. First thing first, I am not going to eat heavy food in the morning. Second, I cannot guarantee you that I can come on-time.

After a fight. I lost and we had to go for a breakfast. My boss smartly chose a place that is just five minutes away from his place and an hour away from mine. And time was at 8.00 am.

On the day. 7.45 am
Boss: Where are you?
Me: Still in my bed.

At 8.00 am
Boss: Where are you?
Me: Still in my bed.

At 8.30 am
Boss: Where are you?
Me: Still in my bed.

At 9.00 am
Boss: Where are you?
Me: Just across the street.
Boss: Faster. My boss is running late for his flight
Me: Your fault. Not my fault. Told you: No team breakfast!